Ergonomics Explained

It technically means the understanding or evaluation of human well-being in the workplace and the design of products and functionality of equipment to enhance the performance of the person and the optimisation of their work.

That’s quite a mouthful!

At Chairtrader it simply means how we can help you or your organisation ensure your comfort and ease at work, which will hopefully benefit both you and those that you work with or for.

In some cases, we are trying to protect you from repetitive strain injuries or muscular skeletal disorders.  Most employers have a duty to provide good ergonomic advice to their employees and should provide trained colleagues or consultants to achieve this.  However, if you’re working from home you will need to take more care of yourself to ensure your overall wellness.

Now let us be clear - most of what we do is plan for those who have no problems from an ergonomic point of view by providing appropriate seating in the first place.